Chun glass has a beautiful soft grey blue finish which changes subtly according to the chosen clay.


This glaze works best over stoneware. No pot looks identical to another. People comment they see landscapes in the markings.


A classic glaze that Reid Pottery have been using for years. It’s light with gorgeous blue golden and purple gradiations


Shino is a traditional Japanese glaze that has been used for over 1000 years. This particular shino glaze is one of our own making. We hope you like it too.


One of our most popular glazes, the cobolt glaze is fired at 1300 to give it its impressive hue


The beautiful finish of a raku vase makes for a fantastic ornament.


I have been working with clay for over fourty years, starting out at 17, having being inspired by a wonderful art teacher. I taught myself to make pots on a wheel in my parent’s garage and sold my work at markets in and around Brisbane. When I turned 21 I opened my own gallery and workshop in Milton, Brisbane.

In 1983 I moved to the Blackall Range on the Sunshine Coast and started working at the old Montville Pottery. From here, I opened my own gallery and workshop, Flaxton Pottery. This is where I created my signature style and met the love of my life, Christine. We married and built our own home studio where Reid Pottery resides today.

My present work reflects my desire to get back to the basics of pottery. I incorporate hand building with the thrown form to achieve an organic quality. Wood ash and Shino glazes complete the natural effect I am striving for.

Our studio, mud-brick gallery and home are located on a small acreage property in Dulong, Queensland, Australia where we have lived and worked for over 20 years. During this time we have planted many trees, creating a sanctuary for the now abundant wildlife. Our goals are to continue planting and creating pottery in our beautiful surroundings, spend time with family and friends along with a bit of travelling.


I have always enjoyed sketching and painting, so glazing and decorating pottery became an extension of these interests.  Ian and I have formed a wonderful partnership: he throws the pots and I mix glazes and decorate the wares.

The large platters and urns provide a wonderful canvas for me to create landscapes and other designs  Most of our glazes are runny when they are fired so once the pots come out of the kiln, we  sometimes get a surprise.   After twenty-eight years of glazing, I still love opening the kiln to see what has transpired.

Ian mainly throws with a fine white stoneware clay that comes from Australia.  I generally decorate using a glaze on glaze technique using traditional and contemporary glazes. We use a gas kiln with a smoked atmosphere during the firing and a temperature of 1300 degrees celsius to create a strong depth of colour.

Occasionally I get back on the wheel and make a few ‘pieces’ to enjoy a change.



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