Christine Reid

I have always enjoyed sketching and painting, so glazing and decorating pottery became an extension of these interests. My work prior to pottery had always been in kindergartens and in children’s activity centres where arts and crafts had played a major part. Now Ian and I have formed a fantastic partnership. He throws the pots and I mix glazes and decorate the wares.

The large platters and urns provide a wonderful clay canvas for me to use colour to create landscapes and other designs on. Most of our glazes are very runny when they are fired so the end product, once it comes out of the kiln, is sometimes a surprise to me. How the colours blend and change!  After twenty years of glazing I still love opening the kiln to see what has transpired.

Ian mainly throws with a fine white stoneware clay that comes from Australia.  I generally decorate using a glaze on glaze technique using traditional and contemporary glazes. We use a gas kiln with a smoked atmosphere in the firing and a temperature of 1300 degrees celsius to create the strong depth of colour.

One day soon I hope to get back on the wheel and make a few ‘pieces’ that Ian might decorate and glaze???